An additional way to use the BathHouse.

Read on to decide if a membership is right for you…

Membership Fee- $36 per year


Member Benefits:

            -Discounted Bath-

       Just $10 per pet, per bath. Pay as you go, using our                 self-check-out terminal

            -After hours access-

       Members hours are 6am-10pm every day. 365 days                a year. Even holidays.

            -One membership can cover the whole household

            -Cancel at any time

            -No time limits, No usage limits

            -Access to the NEW Village Marketplace location at                 13218 Midlothian Turnpike, 23113


Start your membership by stopping by the Stratford Hills location during attended hours

Tues-Friday 10am-6:30pm

Saturday 11am-4:30pm least 30 minutes before our closing


Come see us at any of the Open House events at the Village Marketplace location. 

                Upcoming dates:



Do I need to have a Scrub-a-Bud Membership to use the facility?

Nope. You're welcome to use the Stratford Hills facility during the attended hours just like always. The cost is still $15. You clean our pet, We clean the mess.

The purpose of this optional membership is to modernize usage of the facility and to allow for extended hours.

How will I access the facility during Member-Only hours?

You will be assigned a 6-digit access code. Enter that code on the Keypad at the front door and the door will unlock. The door will then automatically lock behind you as it closes.

What if I need assistance or the BathHouse requires immediate attention during unattended hours? Am I safe using the facility during extended hours?

You can call or text 804-709-5965. This number is posted inside and outside of the Facility. If there is a water/gas/fire or personal emergency please dial 911.

The shopping center is a well-used, family friendly environment. There are also cameras throughout the Facilities for safety and security. These are monitored as well as recorded.

What if I already have a current* Frequent Bather account with accumulated baths?

1. Become a Scrub-a-Bud Member - Pay the annual fee (up to $36) AND keep your accumulated Frequent Bather bath count. That way you can use the facilities as a Member whenever you want OR opt to use the “WE clean the mess” option that you’re used to ($15 as always and only during attended hours) to continue earning your free 11th bath (which will be the last free bath, as the Frequent Bather Program is ending). 

2. DON’T become a Scrub-a-Bud Member – Keep using the Stratford Hill bathhouse as you always have during the same hours you’re used to. You clean your pet, WE clean the mess! Still only $15 per pet. (You’ll earn your next free 11th bath, after which the Frequent Bather program will not renew)

What kind of cleaning is my responsibility when using the facility as a Member?

We’ve streamlined this process for members.

You’ll rinse the tub and remove the hair from the drain. Spray the tub with the disinfecting cleanser provided and leave it.

If you’ve blown any hair from your pet, vacuum or sweep it up.

Scrubbing and mopping will be done daily by a CTBH bathhouse attendant.

If I become a Member can I ever choose to have CritterTown clean that mess? Sometimes I just might not have the time, or the desire to deal with it.

Of course! You can opt for the “WE clean the mess” option ($15 as always and only during attended hours at the Stratford Hills location ONLY)

What payment methods are available during Unattended Members-Only hours?

Credit card and Apple Pay. Pay as you come or go, using our self-check-out terminal.

Cash/check cannot be accepted.

What if I want to purchase something from the Stratford Hills Market during unattended hours?

Feel free to add whatever merchandise you need during self-checkout. Just scan it in.

Do I have to have a credit card on file?

Nope! The Scrub-a-Bud Membership fee will be invoiced via email/text every July to be paid easily online before September 1st each year.

Can I bring guests?

Sure. Guests are welcome to accompany members. They are welcome to bathe their pet for the same low $10 so long as the Member is also present. As the Member, you will be fully responsible for your guest’s usage of the facility and ensuring the guest’s bath is paid for.

MONDAY                     CLOSED

TUESDAY-FRIDAY           10AM - 7PM









2819 Hathaway Rd.

Richmond, Virginia 23225

Stratford Hills Shopping Center

13218 Midlothian Tnpk

Midlothian, Virginia 23113

Village Marketplace

(Members Only location)


*As of 2019 we no longer sell PET FOOD*