--If you, as a guest inside of CritterTown, require an environment in which there are NO unmasked person please let me know when you arrive that you need a 'fully masked environment'. I will make that happen. It's not mine or anyone else's business why you require this and you will not be asked.

--If you, as a guest inside of CritterTown, require yourself to NOT wear a mask please let me know when you arrive. There may be a wait outside until I can get you in. It's not mine or anyone else's business why you require this and you will not be asked.


WE WILL RE-OPEN FRIDAY MAY 15th. The case numbers in the state appear to be on the decline and I believe a big reason for that is due to measures that individuals are taking. Hand washing, surface disinfecting, and masks are crucial to stopping the spread. We need to be able to open and remain open, so...
1. Staff will be wearing masks at all times.
2. Guests are requested to wear masks while in the facility. (Please bring your own, we do not have any PPE to distribute)
3. Doors will be open and fans will be circulating and exhausting air. Please plan to secure your pet as if you were outside.
4. If possible please try to limit 1 person per 1 pet. If it's slow this does not apply, We know sometimes it's best to have help. We have occupancy limits we must meet in order to remain open. There's no limit how many dogs each person brings.
5. Due to occupancy limits and disinfecting time you may need to wait outside the facility for your turn. Though I don’t anticipate this being an issue.
6. Staff will disinfect hand-touched surfaces after each use of bathing and drying station.
7. We no longer have NAIL TRIMS. Allison is doing mobile nail trims for the next couple of weeks and you can contact her directly.


These guidelines are in place until further notice for all of us to stay healthy while sharing space in the BathHouse.




We will follow the current mandate and remain closed until May 15


We will follow the current mandate and remain closed until May 8




UPDATE MARCH 24, 2020 4:00PM

CritterTown will be closed for the mandated 30 days period 3/25-4/24, beginning tomorrow...though we hold out hope for sooner. We are confident with the added measures we have taken over the past several weeks to keep you all and ourselves healthy and will now also heed the warnings of Health Officials and follow the Governor's order to close. Our intention is to be a part of the solution and we will see you on the other side of this crisis. Thank you all for the support. We will see you SOON! I'm here until 7 this evening.

UPDATE MARCH 21, 2020 10:00 AM

BathHouse & Market- Same as below.

NAILS--- Wednesdays & Fridays from 12 pm - 7 pm

                    ***Be advised:

                       Nail service will be CASH ONLY. This will be Allison working independently, not as an employee of CritterTown.***




Subject to change




  • We will OPEN Tuesday – Friday 10am-7pm


  • Due to occupancy guidelines it’s possible there could be a wait to enter the store, though I don’t anticipate this. Please limit your group to 1 person per dog.


  • Doors will remain open at all times, so to utilize the facility you must be able to restrain your dog as if you were outside.


  • NAIL TRIMS—as of right now, Allison will be trimming nails on dates to be announced. Thursday March 19th 1pm-7pm is the currently scheduled day.

  1. The disinfectant product we have always used does kill Corona viruses, as well as bacteria and fungus.

  2. The cleaning routine we have always had in place has been augmented where it comes to hand touched surfaces.

  3. To prevent air stagnation, multiple ventilation fans are in place so it may get a little chilly and it is noisy.

  4. If you have ANY questions or concerns Please reach out to me.

804-320-1096     Jennifer Francis